If you have a pellet stove or wood stove in your house, you want to ensure you keep it in top working order. You’ll want to keep a consistent cleaning regimen. This regimen should include vacuuming the ash made from the fire in your stove. In this post you’ll learn about using an ash vacuum, what to look for in an ash vacuum cleaner, and our best ash vacuum picks for 2018.

Best Ash Vacuum 2018

Cheetah Ash Vacuum

Cougar Ash Vacuum

Snow Joe Ash Vacuum

Vacmaster Ash Vacuum

PowerSmith Ash Vacuum

What is the best way to remove ash from your wood stove or fireplace? Using a regular vacuum can clog the filter and pose a fire hazard. It only takes one warm ember to ignite the combustible material inside a household vacuum and cause a fire. Ash vacuums are a clean, safe and effective way to remove unwanted ash from a wood stove or fireplace.

How Often to Vacuum Your Stove or Fireplace

Anyone who has had a fire in their fireplace or wood stove knows that a fair amount of ash is left behind. It might seem a good idea to vacuum the ash out of your wood stove or fireplace after every use to maintain cleanliness. This is not true. It is recommended to leave about 1 inch of ash in the firebox after each use.

Having a small amount of ash in the wood stove or fireplace allows the embers to nestle down and leads to a better fire. Left over embers from previous fires help fuel subsequent fires. The fire lights faster and produces a better burning fire. However, too much ash can cause a fire to burn out prematurely.

Left over ash should not fill the firebox to the point that it is touching the grate in the front of the firebox. It can damage the grate and lead to rust or corrosion. It is also recommended to completely remove all ash from the wood stove or fireplace at the end of every burning season. This protects the firebox from damage when it’s not in use.

Check out some more tips on how to clean your wood stove here: http://naturallybubbly.com/how-to-clean-a-wood-burning-stove/

What to Look for in an Ash Vacuum

Safety: Ash vacuums should consist of a metal canister and a flame-retardant filter to avoid household fires. Metal hoses and attachments also reduce the risk of fire in case a warm or hot ember is picked up.

Intended Use

Many ash vacuums have different features to cater to the different needs of fireplace users. The type of ash vacuum needed depends on the user’s individual requirements. Most ash vacuums function as charcoal grill and pellet stove vacuums as well. Models designed specifically as pellet stove vacuums come equipped with a special hose that sucks up heavier pellets left behind.

Filter Type

It is important to pay attention to the type of filter used in an ash vacuum. Some vacuums are only designed to pick up cold ashes. Other vacuums have filters that are made of fire-resistant fiber glass that can handle warmer ashes.

Ash Vacuum Size

The size of the canister is an important component to consider when choosing a fireplace vacuum. The frequency of use, size and number of fireplaces, wood/pellet stoves, or charcoal grills will determine the capacity size of your ash vacuum. Canisters can vary in size anywhere from 2 to 10 gallons.

Portability of the Ash Vacuum

Some ash vacuums come equipped with wheels on the bottom of the metal canister. This allows for the user to easily move the ash vacuum from one room to another without having to pick it up or lug it around. However, ash vacuums with wheels are typically more expensive than those without wheels.

Best Ash Vacuum Reviews – Our Top Picks

Cheetah Ash Vacuum

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This ash vacuum is perfect for picking up fine cold or warm ash left over from fires in wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, or charcoal grills. The metal nozzle makes breaking up larger pieces of ash or coal a breeze.

Cleaning the filter is simple and easy with an external agitator. Customers reported that this fireplace vacuum does a good job removing ash from fireplaces and wood stoves. However, many customers claimed that this vacuum was very loud and the filter became easily clogged.

Cougar Ash Vacuum

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The Cougar Ash Vacuum is similar in construction and operation to the Cheetah II. It has a dual filter which allows it to pick up fine ash and embers left over from fires in wood stoves, fireplaces, pellet stoves, or charcoal grills.

Like the Cheetah II, it has an external agitator which allows for easy clean-up. The main difference between these two pellet stove vacuums is the volume of the motor. The Cougar Ash Vacuum has a thicker motor housing which allows for quieter operation.

Many customers claimed that this is an excellent pellet stove vacuum and picks up ash effectively with very little dust. Some customers reported that the filter was difficult to clean and would easily clog.

Snow Joe 4.8 Gallon Ash Vacuum

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This fireplace vacuum is perfect for removing cold ash from fireplaces, wood stoves, pellets stoves, or charcoal grills. Its large 4.8-gallon capacity allows for continued use without having to frequently empty the canister. Customers liked the filter design and portability. Customers reported that the attachments were poorly designed and couldn’t get ash out of tight spaces and crevices.

Vacmaster 6 gallon Ash Vac

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This fireplace vacuum is perfect for large jobs with quiet convenience designed for at-home use. It has a 5.8 gallon metal canister to handle large amounts of ash without having to stop to empty the container.

The 66 dBA motor is extremely quiet making it perfect for indoor use. This vacuum varies slightly from other ash vacuums in that it can convert to a blower. Wheels also allow for portability and ease of use. There are not many customer reviews available for this product, but customers reported that it was extremely quiet, easy to use, and had excellent suction.

PowerSmith 10 Amp Ash Vacuum

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This ash vacuum provides powerful suction without the noise. Its microfiber filter is designed to remove warm and cool ash out of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and charcoal grills. Many customers liked this fireplace vacuum for its versatile use and power. However, some customers reported that the motor stopped working after light use.