Spring season means everything green decides to grow again. And with that comes the endless task of yard work and clearing out brush or cutting grass.  We all know that there are many different tools you need to keep a yard or property looking its best. Whether it’s a great brush cutter, a garden dump cart, or a simple rake. But anyone looking to keep their yard neat looking knows that one of the most important tools after the lawn mower is a hedge trimmer.

There are many different kinds of hedge trimmers on the market and one option you may be considering is a battery powered hedge trimmer.  There may be a few reasons why you’re looking for a cordless, battery powered hedge trimmer instead of a corded hedge trimmer.

  • Your property is quite large and not all sections are near a power source.
  • You don’t want to carry a generator around with you when you want to access power that trim hedges
  • You’ve accidentally cut your electrical cord with your hedge trimmer and don’t want that hassle again.
  • Gas powered hedge trimmers are too noisy and/or cause too many emissions
  • You don’t have outlets on the outside of your house and don’t want to have an electrician put one in..

Also when cutting Hedges with significant height looking around an extra weight of a power cord becomes quite cumbersome it’s not easy to cut edges that are quite large and tall and wielding a very sharp object can be difficult with the additional restriction of a power cord.

Features to Consider in Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Blade Length

One of the main features you’ll want to think about when buying a battery powered hedge trimmer is the blade length. Many hedge trimmers have blades approximately 2 feet long, give or take a few inches. You’ll wan tot assess the hedges you need to trim in order to make sure you choose the best length. For small shrubs you might be able to be more conservative and stick to the 20 inch blade length. But if you have a lot of deep hedges and greenery you may want to get most of it with one swoop. Therefore a longer blade length may make the most sense. Just remember, that longer blades will weigh more…something we’ll touch on in a few paragraphs.

Battery Capacity

A feature you definitely want to keep an eye on is the battery capacity. Obviously one of the best things about a cordless hedge trimmer is that you don’t need to be tethered to an outlet the entire time you are working. If give yous flexibilty to move around. But with that comes with a finite power supply. And when you’re working you want to make sure you have enough power to get your work done. For those with large properties, this will play a big role.

Weight of the Hedge Trimmer

As we just mentioned, you want to consider the weight of the hedge trimmer. You’ll find typically that the longer the blade, the heavier the overall hedge trimmer. The balance of weight may also change based on the blade length. This may play a role in how easy the tool is to weild.

Weight is something to consider when selecting. Think about how many hedges you have, how high they are, and how long you’ll be holding the hedge trimmer up. Using these tools requires upper body strength, and if you have to trim a significant number of bushes it will definitely tire you out.

hedge trimmer on a boxwood

Cool Features

Lastly, check out the additional features of the hedge trimmer. Some may come with a battery and/or a charger. Many boast having ergonomic handles or handles that can be moved to improve your grip during trimming. There are also some with advanced safety options. This is great for those just starting to get into yard-work and not entirely comfortable using such a sharp tool.

Warranties can be another great option. Since these aren’t cheap tools to purchase, you want to make sure you are covered in case anything happens to it. So check out the warranties offered by the different options.

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer Reviews

BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40-Volt High Performance Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 24 inches

Black and Decker 24 inch 40V Hedge Trimmer

The Black & Decker 40 volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer has a 24 inch blade that can cut through branches that are 3/4 of an inch in diameter. With the battery in place the entire unit is just less than 7 lbs. It’s definitely light enough to use one handed if needed (but we don’t recommend this). Keep in mind that there is no way to keep the trimmer on without holding the trigger down. This is for obvious safety reasons.

One of the best features we love the most about this hedge trimmer is a wraparound handle. With the bail handle extended about three quarters around the tool, you can grip the trimmer in a variety of way. You’re not limited to holding it just by the top of the tool. So while the Black and Decker hedge trimmer is light and easy to operate with one hand, you will be able to always keep the necessary two hands on it.

This trimmer is used with a 40 volt lithium ion battery and is compatible with the LB Series 36V or 40V Lithium Ion batteries. We like that this option comes with a battery and charger. Some of the other options available will just come with the tool and you’ll need to order the battery separately or use one you have on hand.

These Lithium Ion batteries are amazing. They are more advanced technology than previous batteries. They have a longer life cycle  the lithium battery is a great option because it is a more advanced technology they have a longer life cycle than other batteries. You should be able to trim about 6000 square feet of hedges in one charge. This option also comes with a battery charger and you’ll find this battery will recharge fully in about an hour.

Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer 24″ includes Lithium-Ion Battery plus Charger

The Ryobi 24 inch blade cordless hedge trimmer is a 40 volt battery powered hedge trimmer. It boasts reduced vibration and has a hedge sweep debris shield. The debris shield helps sweep away the cut branches as you move the trimmer back and forth.

This also had a very large wrap-around handle which allows you to angle the hedge trimmer many different ways while keeping a comfortable and safe grip.

This version comes with the 40 volt battery and charger.  You also find this model comes with a 5 year limited warranty. When the battery is installed, the entire unit weighs approximately 9 lb. This is a pretty good weight and easier to wield compared to other options.

The blades are made of steel and will perform about 3200 strokes per minute.  Like the others on our list, it can cut through hedges and branches up to three quarters of an inch in diameter.

Many compare cordless trimmers to gas powered ones. This option works just as well as a gas powered hedge trimmer. But you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of keeping gasoline on hand and without the fumes and noise pollution.

DEWALT DCHT860M1 40V MAX 4.0 Ah Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer

The DeWalt 40-volt Max  4.0 ah lithium-ion hedge trimmer is another powerful 40 volt cordless option. This option comes with the 40 volt battery included and charger.

It has 22 inch long dual action blades made to cut through branches or shrubbery up to 3/4 of an inch thick in diameter.  When it comes to weight, this is definitely on the heavier end coming in at 11.9 pounds. As a result, we don’t recommend this model to those with less upper body strength.

Like many of the other options that we reviewed there was a large wrap-around handle. This really gives the operator many different grips for cutting at all angles.

We like the warranty on this option which is a 3 year limited warranty with 1-year service and a 90-day money-back guarantee.  There are 77 DeWalt service centers across the country so you know you’ll have lots of options to get the tool fixed or replaced.

One of the great perks of not using gasoline is that there is less maintenance and not as much noise.

Makita XHU04PT 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 25-1/2″ Hedge Trimmer Kit

The Makita 18 volt X2 cordless hedge trimmer comes with two 18 volt lithium ion batteries for a total of 36 Volts. There is a 2 battery charger included as well. This is a 25 1/2 inch hedge trimmer which is a little longer than the others we’ve reviewed.

The entire unit with the two batteries weighs about 12 lb which is definitely on the heavier end of the trimmers we’ve reviewed. The blade is longer however and some of the others and the length Of the full unit comes in at 48.75 in. So with that additional weight comes a longer blade so you’ll be able to cut more in one sweep.

The blades definitely perform fewer strokes per minute coming in at just 1800. This is less than half of some of the other units that we’ve reviewed. But what we like about this option is it gives you the option to dial back the strokes per minute. There is a 6 dial range from 1000 up to 1800 which allows you to match the speed with the need making the entire tool more efficient.

If you have other Makita tools with 3.0 ah or 4.0 ah batteries these will work in this hedge trimmer. This hedge trimmer can only be used with the following batteries: BL1815N/BL1820 and BL1830/BL1840/BL1850.

One of our favorite features of this model is the rotating rear handle. While many of the options they have that wrap around front grip, the entire rear section on the Makita will actually swivel into five different positions. This really gives you many different grips options making it much more comfortable when working through your hedges.

There are some additional accessories that go along with this hedge trimmer. There is a chip receiver to catch branches and leaves that are cut.

EGO Power+ 24-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer – Battery and Charger Not Included

Last pick for the best battery powered hedge trimmer is the EGO Power+ 24 inch  56 volt hedge trimmer. Like the others it has a capacity up to three quarters of an inch.  The 2.0 ah battery will last approximately one hour of run time. And this option comes with the charger kit so you can recharge that lithium ion battery when needed.  If you need a replacement battery compatible with the following batteries – BA2240 BA1120.

This trimmer can perform 3000 strokes per minute. It is approximately 6 and 1/4 pounds without the battery pack or the blade guard. You should expect it to be a little bit heavier once you have the battery installed.

Like the are other options it has a great wrap around handle which gives you many different handling options.

This option has a brushless motor which means there are less vibrations and extended motor life. It means the the trimmer will only pull the necessary power it needs to physically run.  Because of that you only use the power needed to complete the job and you won’t waste battery power unnecessarily.

Conclusion – Which Is Best?

All of these hedge trimmers are great options if you’re looking for a battery powered option. Our top pick is the DeWalt due to the size, power, and warranties. Our backup picks are the EGO with the brushless motor and the Makita because of the rotating handle and power dial.