Summer is here! With that comes the yummy food cooked outside on the grill. We know that safety is an issue when being around open flames, as having the proper heat resistant gloves is very important. This is especially important when smoking meats on a meat smoker or grilling.

What is a heat resistant glove?

If you’re wondering what is considered heat resistant and here is what you’re able to do with heat resistant BBQ gloves:

  1. Place a temperature probe inside the glove.
  2. Heat a skillet, pot, or dutch oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Place it on the palm of the glove for around ten seconds.
  4. Check the probe to see if the temp is no more than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our Picks for Top BBQ Gloves in 2020







Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves

4.5/5 Stars



Grace Kitchenwares No. 1 BBQ Glove Set 

4/5 Stars



G & F Products Insulated BBQ Gloves Grill Gloves

5/5 Stars



GEEKHOM Grilling Gloves

4.5/5 Stars



SBDW Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

4/5 Stars


Best BBQ Gloves Reviews

​Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves | Best Versatile Heat Resistant Grill Gloves 

This is a silicone insulated grilling/oven glove that offers full finger and wrist protect for temps up to 450 F. degrees. It comes in 3 sizes to ensure a proper fit. The non-slip five finger grip, as well as the long cuff, offer great protection. These gloves are waterproof and dishwasher safe. Approved by the FDA as BPA free.

  • Protects hands and wrists
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Limited mobility while wearing

Grace Kitchenwares No. 1 BBQ Glove Set

Here is a goody bag for barbecuing. This pair of silicone gloves is food grade, meaning they are able to have contact directly with food without staining or absorbing odor. They are also waterproof. These gloves work well handling frozen food as well. Enjoy the shredders and baster when using the recipe book that are all included with the purchase of the gloves.

  • Works well with high heat and cold temperatures
  • Great value for the price
  • Can be hard to remove hands from gloves

G & F Products Insulated BBQ Gloves Grill Gloves

Want gloves like the pros? These jersey lined premium Neoprene coated gloves are able to take the heat and rip the meat while keeping your hands protected. They offer more dexterity than silicone gloves and are very easy to clean by rinsing them offer while on your hands. These gloves are fire and oil resistant, so great for camping and open flames.

  • Superior flexibility
  • Fire and oil resistant
  • Can transfer heat

GEEKHOM Grilling Gloves

These mitts are made of silicone that is FDA grade and BPA free with a temperature range from -4 below to +446 degrees Fahrenheit. The mitts are lined with a heat-resistant moisture-wicking cotton that assures your protection while grilling or during oven use. They have a slip-resistant surface that is waterproof. The rope design wrist is made for hanging the gloves when not in use.

  • Allows for a good grip
  • Can handle extreme cold and heat
  • Heat resistant and moisture wicking
  • May crack if not used often

SBDW Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

This glove does it all! Designed for indoor or outdoor use, oven or open flame. No more burns during grilling when wearing these cotton lined protective mitts. Easy to remove and clean, these FDA approved gloves are odorless and waterproof. They come in three different colors – blue, red, and black, with loops for hanging when not in use.

  • Different color options
  • Great for BBQs and ovens
  • Size runs small