Spring is coming up in your lawn look so overgrown. You may be looking in your tool shed for something to help cut back some of those bushes. Or maybe even some small trees that started growing. Your string trimmer or weed wacker just won’t cut it. What type of tool will help get your yard ready for the nice weather and cut down some of that overgrown. This is where a gas-powered brush cutter for home use comes in.

Week Wackers vs Brush Cutters

Most people have weed wackers, formally called string trimmers, for cutting back overgrown lawn edges. But when the string trimmer can’t do the job, a brush cutters can be very helpful tool to have in your tool shed.

How Do They Cut

Brush cutters use blades instead of string to cut. The blades can be made of a variety of materials but most commonly metal. This makes it easier to cut through tougher vegetation more quickly so you can haul it off in a yard cart or wheelbarrow and out of your yard for good.

How Are They Powered

You’ll find that many brush cutters are gas powered, giving the boost needed to get through some thicker areas. Due to this, brush cutters are heavier than string trimmers. You’ll find you need a harness or shoulder strap when using a brush cutter while most (electric) string trimmers can be just handheld. The handles on the brush cutter help the operator support the pole shaft and they’re typically J handles or U shaped handles.

Price Difference for String Trimmers and Brush Cutters

Another different you’ll find is that you can pick up a fully functioning string trimmer on the cheap, only setting yourself back a few twenty dollar bills. A brush cutter will cost over $100 most likely, with the better option costing more.

Dual Purpose Options

There are many brush cutters that are also dual purpose – with options for weed wacking and brush cutting. This is very common and these brush cutters can easily handle any cutting job. And with the right attachments, even tougher jobs and debris clean up. If this is what you’re looking for, look for an option with quick blade change features. This will allow you to switch from heavy duty cutting to more precise trimming in a matter of minutes. Also look for an attachment options which allow you to change the type of tool at the end of the shaft.

Best Brush Cutter Options

Husqvarna 129R 2 Cycle Gas Powered Cutter

The Husqvarna 129 r 17 in 2 cycle gas brush cutter is a dual use weed wacker/brush cutter option. This brush cutter boasts technology that makes the engine much easier to start requiring minimal effort. It says the resistance in the starter cord is reduced by up to 40% so this will be easier for operators of any age. This is also a good option if colder climates as it also states it is easier to start this engine cold with less effort.

Another great feature we like is the see-through gas tank. You won’t have to guess how much gas you have left because you’ll be able to see immediately. And gone are the days of mistakenly overfilling the tank and spilling gasoline.

You can use the trimmer head with this brush cutter. It takes trimmer line of 0.065 inches, 0.080 inches, and 0.095 inches.

This option comes with a guard the trimmer head, the grass blade, and the bullhorn shaped handle. We like the bullhorn handle because it really allows the operator to maneuver the blade cutter easily and accurately.

Remington RM2700 Dual Brush Cutter and String Trimmer

The Remington combination brush cutter and string trimmer is a wonderful option for those looking for a lightweight tool. It comes in at just under 15 pounds making it easy for anyone to use. The J shaped handle helps allowing better maneuverability with a single grip. It does also come with a shoulder strap which support some of the weight to help maneuver the cutter. All together using this brush cutter is easy.

There is a quick change at which allows you to convert the type of blade used on the trimmer quite easily and quickly

Comes with a heavy duty metal blade it’s 18 in in what and which will really allow you to cut through some of the densest overgrown lawn.. But if you don’t need to cut through such heavy brush there are tons of other attachments available that change head you’ll be able to into an edger or weed wacker easily.

It’s also has quick start technology reduces the effort to get this gas powered brush cutter going so allows for easier starting when you need to start.

COOCHEER 2-Cycle Gas String Trimmer and Brush Cutter

We recommend the Coocheer Brush Cutter for anyone looking for a cutter to go through heavy brush, vegetation, or wet grass. It includes both a trimmer head and three blade cutter. You can switch between the two using the tool kit provided. You should be able to handle both types of cutting within a matter of minutes.

This option has a “U” shaped handle with the throttle on the grips. This makes moving through the brush a breeze. You’ll also get some support by using the included shoulder strap.

The shaft also has a quick release which allows you to take apart the trimmer quick easily for cleaning or storage.

Blue Max Extreme Duty Brush Cutter

This is a two-in-one brush cutter and trimmer. Like our other options, it has a 2 cycle gas engine.

Also like some of the other options, this is a dual purpose trimmer and cutter. It comes with both a brush cutter blade and a trimmer head so you can cut through heavy vegetation and grass.

The cutter blade is meant to cut weeds long grass and other soft overgrown vegetation. Even though this is labeled as a brush cutter, the manufacturer does not recommend this cutter for wet grass or unusually thick vegetation. It also doesn’t recommend using this to shred leaves. So if you’re really looking to cut down some really overgrown brush or shredding this is not the best option.

The “U” shape handles include hand grip controls for easy start and stop. It’s great also for maneuverability and controlling through more difficult jobs, especially when you need precise cuts around precious flowers or bushes.