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Best Chiminea Reviews

The need for efficient heating is important particularly if you have an outdoor living space that you want to use entertaining. However, most homeowners want to enjoy the outdoors even during the cooler months and adding in outdoor heating requirements to the equation can significantly extend the amount of time you’re able to use your outdoor space. A chiminea provides the perfect cost-effective, free-standing heating solution for your outdoor entertainment spaces. We have compiled the best chiminea reviews to help you find the best one.

What is a Chiminea

You have probably seen them decorating outdoor spaces or even used as fireplaces outdoors. The simplest way to describe a chiminea is a freestanding, outdoor fireplace. The chiminea features a bulb shape, with a pot belly base and neck design.

Chimineas, also written as chimenea, originate from Spain with Mexican influences. The chimney pots feature a clay construction, and the Spaniards use them to cook as well as heat. The roots of traditional chimineas go back all the way back to an estimated 400 years ago.

Some people use these terracotta-made, hand decorated outdoor chimneys as accent pieces but their primary use is as functional outdoor fire features. Traditionally, the chiminea got placed at the center of a home to offer heating or near a window for cooking purposes. However, when modern fireplaces replaced them indoors, the chimineas got relocated to outdoor spaces.

Chiminea Types

When choosing a chiminea, you will have three choices. The chiminea types available include:

Fire Clay Chiminea

The fire clay model has its roots in Mexico and uses the fundamental characteristic of a stone fireplace. It is used for heating and cooking.

Cast Iron Chiminea

Many cast chiminea models are more modern, and they use a similar function as well as design to wood burning stoves.

Cast Iron & Steel Chiminea

The steel models are the most recent of chimineas designs. They borrow from the Mexican chiminea designs with cast iron and steel construction.

The three chiminea types come in different sizes with equally different weight, heat outputs, and cost. The larger the chiminea, the more heat it produces but also, the more fuel it consumes.

Best Wood for Chiminea

Any type of wood works well in chimineas, but a few options burn better as fuel in these outdoor chimneys.

Regardless of the size of the chiminea, the base area within cannot accommodate large firewood pieces. Wood pieces of about nine to twelve inches work best because they fit well within the chamber.

The best wood for chiminea includes pinion firewood, apple firewood, and hickory firewood. The Pinion, derived from Pinyon Pine, works by far as the best chiminea wood. The reason the Pinion why it is a popular choice is that of its aroma and its dual function as an insect/mosquito repellent.

However, just about any type of firewood will work just fine as long as it is seasoned wood and the right size.

Best Chiminea Reviews

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The Deckmate Sonora Chiminea works perfectly with artificial logs and wood to provide outdoor heating. The cast iron outdoor chimney features a paint finish that withstands high temperatures, and a full 360-degree wire mesh fire spark view.

A sliding door is included for ease of access when adding wood as well as an ash catcher to make cleanup easier.

The chiminea also comes with a fire tool and log grate.

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The Gardeco AFC-C21.75 Chiminea features a traditional design and comes in an average size that fits perfectly on patios. The chiminea also comes with a clay lid that matches the accompanying metal stand.

The glazed finish of the black chiminea makes it an attractive addition to any patio.

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Deeco Cast Aluminum Chiminea

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The Deeco Cast Aluminum Chiminea is what you need to heat up your outdoor space and get some grilling done as well. The chiminea comes with a spark guard screen and a built-in grill.

The chiminea also features a log grate and comes in an antique design with a bronze hue.

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Fired Up Designs Checked Clay Chiminea

For that authentically Mexican clay chiminea get the Fired Up Designs Clay Chiminea. The chiminea features a terracotta clay construction, and it comes built to last. Also included with the chiminea are a wrought-iron stand and chiminea lid.

Purchase the Fired Up designs universal waterproof cover as a protective measure to preserve the life of this chiminea.

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Blue Rooster Co. Cast Iron Chiminea

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The Blue Rooster Co. Chiminea features a Prairie Style, a cast iron construction, and a charcoal hue. The chiminea also comes with a spark arrestor insert, carry handles, and removable rain lid.

Also included with the chiminea are a wood tool, screen, and a touch-up bottle of paint.

What to look for in a Chiminea

Buying a chiminea ca get quite confusing with several available in beautiful Spanish motifs and floral designs. However, when purchasing a chiminea here are some of the things to look for:


The material used to construct the chiminea will determine whether it will last longer or offer service for a short period of time. Generally, cast iron and cast iron and steel made chimineas last longer.

Fire Pit Size

Go for a chiminea with an ample fire pit size to comfortably accommodate wood pieces.

 Zonal Laws

Is the burning of timber in fireplaces allowed both outdoors and indoors in your zone? If zonal laws prohibit firewood use, then you may have to go for propane or gas chiminea models.

Design and Shape

You want a structurally sound chiminea both in design and shape. Check for any crookedness as well as the width of the chimney/funnel.


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