Garden dump carts are carts that can be pulled by hand or ATV across a yard while yard work is being done. Dump carts are all designed with unique features that make certain tasks easier than others. You may be on the look out for a great garden or atv dump cart for a special project or year round use. If that’s the case – check out our overviews of the best garden dump cart options on the market. 

What to Look For in a Garden Dump Cart

The overall use of a garden dumping cart is to simplify yard work. These carts make hauling yard waste, rocks, bricks, dirt or other yard objects easy. But they’re more than your average yard cart or wheelbarrow. Dump carts feature mechanisms that allow for the collection bin to easily tip the load back into a desired location with minimal effort. A few key design factors to pay attention to when shopping for a garden dumping cart include the below:

  • Hauling Weight Limit – You’ll want to assess the weight of the items you’re hauling. Obviously your needs will be different if you’re hauling bricks versus something lightweight like garden weeds or hedge trimmings. So check the weight limits for the carts.
  • Tire Size and Type – Keep in mind the terrain the cart will need to go over. You’ll want to make sure your cart has wheels that will easily tread over the ground without too much wear and tear. 
  • Dump Cart Size – Similar to the hauling weight, think about what your intended use is. Will the items you need to haul fit in the cart? You’ll want to determine how the size of the cart will change the number of hauling trips you may need to take.
  • Future Uses for the Cart – While you may have one project in mind, think about your future projects before purchasing. You may only need a smaller size or light hauling capacity. But a future project may require more. Do you expect to clear a large piece of land with a brush cutter? Or are you just worried about grass clippings? You want to make sure you get the most out of your dump cart. 

You will want to make sure the handle is comfortable to pull by hand but that it can also be pulled by ATV if necessary. Garden dumping carts should come with a store or manufacturer warranty. It is best to consider the type of work you will be performing with the cart. Also take into consider future jobs you may want to use the dump cart for. It is best to purchase a dump cart that will last throughout all of your yard tasks.

Our Picks for Top ATV or Garden Dump Cart

#1Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

4.5/5 Stars

#2Giantex Garden Dump Cart Wagon Carrier w/Steel Frame

4/5 Stars

#3Gorilla Carts Steel Dump Cart

4/5 Stars

#4Sunnydaze Steel Dump Utility Cart

3.5/5 Stars

#5FDW Heavy Duty Poly Garden Yard Dump Cart Wheel Barrow Garden Cart

4/5 Stars


Best Garden Dump Cart Reviews

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

The 2 in 1 handle allows for this dump cart to be easily pulled by hand or towed behind an ATV. This Gorilla Cart comes with a one year limited warranty and is build with a steel frame that has a black finish. The dump cart is designed with a 40×25 inch rust resistant poly bed. This versatile cart weighs only 58 pounds but is capable of hauling 1,200 pounds.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Pulls up to 1,200 pounds
  • Easy to assemble frame
  • Bin material is plastic not metal
  • Limited one year warranty
  • Best used for residential not commercial use

Giantex Heavy-Duty Garden Dump Cart

This garden dumping cart is designed with a handle that features a comfortable grip and a heavy duty steel frame. It has ten inch tires that can traverse all types of terrain. The Giantex Heavy Duty garden dump cart weighs only 29 pounds and is rust resistant. It can haul 650 pounds and dump 220 pounds. 

  • Light weight at only 29 pounds
  • Rust resistant
  • Frame and tires can traverse all types of terrain
  • Can only dump 220 pounds
  • Can only haul 440 pounds

Gorilla Carts Steel Dump Cart

This heavy duty Gorilla garden dump cart is a multi use garden cart that is designed with a quick release dumping feature. It is made with 13 inch tires that can traverse all terrain, a padded convertible handle that can be hauled by hand, ATV or tractor and a 39.5 by 22 inch steel mesh hauling bed. It weighs 82 pounds and has a 1,200 pound hauling capacity. The 12 steel Gorilla dump cart also comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

  • Heavy Duty dump cart that can haul 1,200 pounds
  • Convertible handle that can be hauled by hand, ATV or tractor
  • Easy to clean steel mesh design
  • Bulky 82 pound frame
  • Limited 1 year warranty

Sunnydaze Steel Dump Utility Cart

The Sunnydaze utility cart is great for heavy work loads. This cart weighs only 48.5 pounds but it can haul 660 pound work loads. This collapsible wagon features 13 inch tires and a large padded handle that can be pulled by hand. There is an additional conversion kit that can be utilized to switch out the handle and make this cart ATV tow ready. Another feature of the Sunnydaze cart is a quick release U-shaped dump feature which makes unloading a breeze. This dump cart also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

  • Worry free 1 year warranty
  • Light weight
  • Made of long lasting durable 600D polyester material
  • Handle requires conversion kit
  • Not recommended for commercial use

Heavy Duty Poly Garden Utility Yard Dump Cart

This heavy duty garden cart features a padded foam handle for a comfortable grip while hauling and an easy release dump design. The frame is steel with a black finish and its designed with 10 inch tires and an overall load capacity of 360 pounds.

  • Great for simple residential jobs
  • Light weight and easy to clean
  • Only has a 360 pound load capacity

Best Uses for an ATV Cart

Garden dump carts are more versatile than you may think. They can be used for far more than just hauling garden weeds, mulch, or dirt around your property. Here are some great additional uses for your ATV cart that you may not have considered!

  • Bringing your freshly cut firewood back to the house
  • Hauling rocks that need to be moved (a great back saver!)
  • Carrying concrete bags from your truck to site
  • Moving heavy tools around, like splitting mauls, axes, or other power tools

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