If you’ve been looking for a new generator you may want to talk about different options. Maybe you’re having some trouble with a specific model and want to see if anyone is having the same issue. Or maybe you’re looking for someone to troubleshoot an issue with you. Whatever your reason, we’ve compiled the best generator forum list for you. Dive into these to start a great discussion on some of the best portable generators or get some help troubleshooting an issue you may have.

Power Equipment Forum


We love this forum. It’s been around since 2010 and provides a wealth of knowledge and resources. They have forum sections for many different types of equipment – sump pumps, log splitters, pressure washers, and of course, generators. They also have a marketplace where you can post equipment for sale or wanted, though these are less active than the other parts of the forum.

Survivalist Boards


This board has been around since 2006 so you can imagine how much great info is available. While this forum is more general and focused on overall survivalist topics, there is a forum for general disaster preparedness. That’s where you’ll find a healthy discussion around generators.

This forum has over 3000 active members. So jump into the discussion and speak with some of the most prepared individuals around.



Known for their love of antique engines, this site also is a good resource for more current generators. They have a whole section dedicated to generators and electric motors. There you will find discussions around some big name generator manufacturers in addition to topics around vintage generators.

My Tractor Forum


The My Tractor Forum is focused on….you guessed it…tractors! But there are discussions related to all things farms, home improvement, and power tools. So there is a forum dedicated to generators which is pretty active. You’ll find good discussions around different types of generators as well as advice on how to troubleshoot different issues.