Mosquitoes are a universal pain, especially when you want to enjoy outside activities like picnics, pool time, gardening, backyard barbeques, or playtime with your kids.

So, what’s the ideal way to combat these pests both day and night?

A mosquito fogger is a fantastic solution to eradicate annoying buzzing and biting for hours.

Not sure what a mosquito fogger is and how owning one would benefit you? Inside this guide, I answer these questions and also feature some of the best mosquito fogger models available to help you select the perfect model!

What is a Mosquito Fogger

Mosquito foggers are typically handheld devices that uses a motor or heating element to create a mist-like fog of insecticide that floats into trees, grass, and bushes where insects love to hide. The mist attaches to and kills mosquitoes and bugs almost instantly.

Different Types of Mosquito Foggers

The major types of mosquito foggers most popular for home use are

  • Ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers use electricity to blow insecticide mist at high velocity. This “cold” type of fogger creates no heat nor emits harmful fumes, which makes them safe to use indoors.
  • Thermal foggers run on propane or electric to heat a coil through which the insecticide vaporizes and forms into a fog.
  • Aerosol foggers are a complete, one-time-use canister that is safe for both indoors and out and an inexpensive way to treat small areas.

Benefits of Owning a Mosquito Fogger

To combat biting bugs, owning a mosquito fogger can provide:


Foggers not only control mosquitoes for several hours at a time, but they also work effectively against all types of annoying bugs like no-see-ums, gnats, flies, and bees.

The light mist kills mosquitoes before they can bite and cause mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika or West Nile.

Certain insecticides are better than others for controlling specific bugs, but home-use foggers are a cheaper way to
control pests over hiring a professional service.

Features to Look For in a Mosquito Fogger

To ensure you are getting the best mosquito fogger for your needs, consider these important features:

  • Mode of operation – An electric thermal unit needs a cord, while propane models do not. ULV models work instantly, with no need to heat a coil.
  • Ease of use – A model that takes a lot of effort to fill, start, and fog your property will only cause frustration. The same goes for a fogger that runs out quickly or a model that is too heavy or loud to use often.
  • Coverage – A thermal fogger covers a large area much faster than “cold” foggers but is only made for outdoor use. Aerosols contain smaller amounts, so you may need several cans to cover a normal size backyard.

Best Mosquito Fogger Product Overviews

In this section, I feature the four of the highest-rated mosquito foggers for personal use.

1. Repel Fogger

The Repel fogger gets high customer reviews for its ability to quickly treat a large area without a long wait time to use the space safely.

This professional-style thermal fogger delivers a very fine mist for excellent coverage of large areas. The cord-free, propane operation makes it easy to reach every nook and cranny fast. In just a few minutes, it’s perfectly safe to enter the treated area and start enjoying bug-free fun.


  • Effective no-odor, thermal mist that is easy to see and control
  • Propane power is cord-free and portable
  • Treats up to 5000 square feet for up to six hours per fill
  • Quality construction, safety, and performance


  • Need to purchase small propane cylinders separately
  • Steel rod inside tank can rust if it stays wet
  • Not for use indoors

2. Burgess Fogger

The Burgess Fogger gets excellent marks for affordable pricing and cord-free functionality to eliminate pesky mosquitoes from backyards or campsites quickly.

The thermal-style fogger runs on disposable propane cylinders and has a large reservoir that can hold enough insecticide to run for over two hours. The mist created from the unit quickly dissipates so you can use the space without a long delay.


  • Ultra-fine thermal mist for optimal mosquito control
  • Propane operation means no power cords needed
  • Large reservoir to hold insecticide
  • Protective screening to prevent contact with heating coil


  • Need to preheat the heater coil for optimal performance
  • Need to keep a stock of propane cylinders on hand
  • Outdoor use only with specific brands of insecticide

3. Black Flag Fogger

The Black Flag Fogger gets outstanding customer reviews for its quick fill and no-nonsense, continual electric-power operation.

This professional-grade thermal fogger heats up within two minutes and vaporizes insecticide into a thick fog that seeps into foliage and grass to eliminate mosquitoes. After five minutes, the area is safe for both people and pets to enter for up to six hours of pest-free enjoyment.


  • Trigger lock prevents accidental pumping of insecticide
  • Large reservoir covers 5,000 square feet
  • Electrical operation means no extra cost
  • Comfortable grip, balanced design, and fine-particulate mist
  • Made of durable materials for long-lasting value


  • Needs a power source, like a portable generator, and long extension cord if your property is large
  • Works better when insecticide tank is at least half full
  • Must wait for coil to heat up before use
  • Only for outdoor use

4. Bonide Fogger

The Bonide Fogger gets top reviews for its creation of thick fog that kills bugs for hours with a residue-free distribution that remains safe for people, livestock, pets, and plants.

This unit runs on propane, which means no power cords to drag around. The self-starting ignitor switch lights the heating coil automatically, eliminating the need for using matches. The liquid level inside the reservoir is visible, so you always know when you need a refill.


  • Cordless propane thermal operation covers large areas quickly
  • Self-starting igniter switch makes start-ups simple
  • See-though reservoir takes guesswork out of insecticide level
  • Sturdy construction, yet lightweight during use
  • Vaporizes liquid into a fine mist that keeps bugs away for hours


  • Pumping too fast can cause the heating coil to cool down
  • Needs the long/thin propane canisters which you must buy separately


Mosquito foggers are the ideal at-home or on-the-go solution when you desire hours of pest-free mosquito control without breaking your budget.

I hope you use the information in this mosquito fogger overview to help you select the perfect model so you can keep annoying mosquitoes and other bugs from ruining your outdoor fun!