best plug in baseboard heater

Best Plug In Baseboard Heater

Want an affordable and dependable way to bring extra warmth to rooms in your home when your furnace isn’t on or is not up to the task? Maybe you have a fireplace or a life-like electric fireplace insert that put off heat into your living spaces. But if this isn’t the case, you are most likely looking for affordable heating options.

Instead of buying a quartz infrared or oil filled space heater, consider upgrading to a plug in baseboard heater. Baseboard heaters operate much more quietly, are more energy-efficient, take up little space along room edges, and is a safer option for kids and pets.

To learn about baseboard heaters and what they’re best for and a rundown of the top models, keep reading!

Our Top Plug In Baseboard Heater Picks

Short on time? Here are our top picks.

What Is a Plug In Baseboard Heater For and Why Do You Need One

A plug in baseboard heaters is for supplemental warming in drafty rooms or when your furnace cannot keep up during frigid temperatures.

The baseboard heater’s plug in style is ideal for spaces where it would be difficult to install a ducted heat system or for people who live in warmer regions where you may only need extra warmth for a few weeks a year.

A baseboard heater is much like a traditional space heater. The units are portable, run off 120-volt power, and plug into any standard three-prong household outlet. Many models also have an option to hardwire the unit into the home’s electrical system.

The difference between baseboard heaters and space heaters include:

  • Size – baseboard heaters have a low and long profile that hugs the wall
  • Heat – they operate at a lower heat to slowly warm a room
  • Safety – children and pets won’t get hurt if they come in contact with the heater surface
  • Sound – most plug in baseboard heaters are very quiet
  • Appearance – the unit is short, long, and lean, which blends away into room decor
  • Maintenance – with no moving parts to wear out, the heater has a longer lifespan

Many people use a plug in baseboard heater during seasonal transitions when you only need a small temperature boost in certain rooms but don’t want the expense of running the furnace.

The noise level of plug-in baseboard heaters is much quieter than cabinet-style space heaters, as they don’t use a fan to disperse heat into a room.

Uses for Plug In Baseboard Heaters and Where You Can Put Them

No matter which room you add a plug in baseboard heater, you should always try to set it along the coldest wall or under a window so it can warm up that area and radiate heat into the rest of the room.

It’s hard to work when you’re chilly. A plugin baseboard heater keeps you warm and runs quietly so you can concentrate on your tasks without distraction.

Living room
Plug in baseboard heaters can provide a quiet warmth without disturbance while playing music or the television. The low-profile design hugs the wall so that it won’t ruin your room’s aesthetic.

Basement spaces are always the coldest and are often drafty. A baseboard heater can maintain a comfortable temperature, so the area becomes more useable.

Children’s room or nursery
Baseboard heaters are a safe way to warm baby or kid’s rooms without fear they will tip the unit over or get burned by touching the face.

For unheated areas like breezeway or garages that would be more comfortable to use during cold snaps, a plug in baseboard heater provides an out-of-the-way, temporary solution.

uses for plug in baseboard heaters

Best Plug In Baseboard Heaters

Here are the top picks for plug in baseboard heaters including features and pros and cons:

Envi High-Efficiency Whole Room 120v Plug-In Electric Panel Wall Heater

While not the typical baseboard heater style, the Envi High-Efficiency Whole Room Plug-In Wall Heater works the same way to warm up a room quickly. Hang this model directly on the wall and plug it in. The design keeps the unit and cord off the floor, which helps prevent mishaps.


  • Cost-efficient, low-energy operation
  • Wall mount reduces accidents
  • Low profile blends into furnishings
  • Cool-touch surface
  • Doesn’t dry the air or blow dust or allergens
  • Simple to install


  • Wall mount means holes and anchors
  • Clicking noise when the heat turns on and off
  • Takes several days of use for the initial “smell” to dissipate from the unit

Fahrenheat FBE15002 Portable Heater

This Fahrenheat baseboard heater model offers a built-in thermostat and adjustable heat control so you can set it and forget it. The design features end handles to easily and securely move the unit, as well as an uptilting front panel to dissipate heat more efficiently into the room.


  • Energy efficient hydronic heating
  • Adjustable heat control knob with power light
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Raises room temp quickly


  • Unit can make strange noises while operating as the oil heats up
  • On first use, the “burning off” may set off smoke detector

EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel

Another wall-mount model, the EconoHome Space Heater Panel delivers quality features such as overheat protection, superior energy-efficiency and cost savings, and a durable calcium silicate housing that you can paint to match your home’s interior.


  • Warm radiant heat that is quiet, won’t dry air, or blow allergens
  • Wall mount ensures safety for small kids, pets, or trips
  • Comes with plug-in thermostat
  • Heat reflector direct all heat forward and not into wall
  • Allows option for hard-wiring
  • Easy to install


  • Surface can get hot, and the recommended “HEAT GUARD” is an additional purchase
  • Convection heating takes longer to heat up a room

Cadet Manufacturing 120-Volt Baseboard Hardwire Electric Zone Heater

The Cadet Manufacturing 120-Volt Baseboard Electric Zone Heater does require hardwiring, but the affordable pricing and low-energy operation offset installation costs. 48-inch long, 25-gauge steel housing and a junction box with ground is UL listed and will hold up to years of safe use. Uses 1000 watts and 8.33 amps of electricity.


  • Universal wiring connections at either end of unit
  • High-temperature safety shutoff
  • Hangs on wall to keep floor clear
  • Warms a room fast with no noise
  • Safe for children and pets


  • Requires separate thermostat purchase
  • Needs hardwire installation

Cadet Manufacturing 36-Inch 120-Volt Baseboard Hardwire Electric Zone Heater

The Cadet Manufacturing 36-Inch White Baseboard Hardwire Electric Zone Heater is a great option when you need a shorter unit with less power draw. The unit features a white, heavy-gauge steel housing, grounded junction box (UL listed), and overheating safety shutoff. Uses 750 watts and 6.25 amps of electricity.


  • Convenient universal wiring connections at both ends
  • Automatic high-temp shutoff
  • Wall mount keeps floor clear
  • Warms with no fan or noise
  • Scratch and scuff resistant powder-coated finish


  • Best results with under-window placement
  • Must purchase separate thermostat
  • Hardwire installation only

Now’s the time to try one of the top plug in baseboard heaters above, and keep toasty while also keeping your energy bill low!






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