There are many ways that people camp. One way is the old fashioned “roughing it” version. Think campfire, tents, and sleeping bags. But in recent years camping with an RV or camper van has become very commonplace. One of the most important pieces of equipment for your RV or camper will be a generator. The below will go over some of the best RV and camper generators available on the market today.

Why you need a generator for your RV

So do you really need a generator for your RV? When camping in a RV that runs off of a generator, campers experience a lot of the luxuries that they experience at home. RV generators can provide a cool breeze on a hot night, a hot plate to cook off of, a small refrigerator, and a TV.  Buying the right RV generator is an extremely important part of your RVing experience. Below are some great RV generator options on the market today.

PictureNameFuel SourceRunning / Starting WattageRunning TimeCheck Price
Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel GeneratorDual Fuel – Gasoline and Propane3800 Watts / 4750 Watts (on gasoline)10.5 hours on propane, 9 hours on gasolineCheck Price Here 
Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable GeneratorGasoline3600 Watts / 4650 Watts12 hoursCheck Price Here 
champion 2000 watt generator
Champion 2000-Watt Stackable GeneratorGasoline1700 Watts / 2000 Watts9.5 hoursCheck Price Here 
Generac 2200 Watt Portable Inverter GeneratorGasoline1700 Watts / 2200 Watts10.75 hoursCheck Price Here 
WEN Super Quiet 2000-Watt GeneratorGasoline1600 Watts / 2000 Watts6 hoursCheck Price Here
Pulsar Products Dual-Fuel Portable GeneratorDual Fuel – Gas and Propane8000 Watts / 10,000 Watts12 hoursCheck Price Here
DuroStar Gas Powered Portable GeneratorGasoline3300 Watts / 4000 Watts8 hoursCheck Price Here 

RV and Camper Generator Buying Guide

If you need a generator for your RV or camper van, here are some things to consider and write down. They’ll help you make the best choice for your recreational vehicle.

  • Fuel Source – There are many options when it comes to fuel sources. You’ll want to choose a generator that uses a fuel source that’s convenient and cost effective for your family
  • Portability/Weight – Depending on how often you’ll need to move the generator, weight of the unit may be a sticking point.
  • Wattage – Do you have a mini fridge to power or an entire slew of household appliances. This will determine how many watts you need.
  • Noise level – RVs can sometimes be parked close together. So consider the noise of the generator to make sure you have a pleasant experience (as well as your neighbors).

Best RV and Camper Generators 2020

Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Generator

This generator is able to run on both gas and propane right out of its box. It can run 9 hours on gas and can run about 10.5 hours on propane both on a half load. Starting this generator is easy with the touch start, easy electric start and push start options. In addition to the easy to operate start options, the Champion 3800-Watt also is designed with two 120V 20A household outlets, these outlets protect appliances against power surges.

  • 3 year limited warranty 
  • FREE lifetime technical support
  • Portable and comes in a durable steel frame
  • Dual fuel generator
  • 78 decibel noise rating which is comparable to a lawn mower
  • Pull start option is a bit difficult for some
  • Requires a trickle charger when the battery dies

Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator

The Westinghouse Portable Generator comes with a 12 hour run time at 50% load and is made with rubber covers for all outlets which provides added safety during its extensive run time. Some assembly is required for this generator but it does come with the user’s manual, oil, oil funnel and a tool kit. This generator is EPA, CARB, and CSA Compliant and comes equipped with a low oil automatic shut off.

  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Low running noise makes it quieter then the typical lawn mower
  • Camper and RV ready
  • Long running time
  • Some assembly is required
  • Quieter than some generators but still produces a constant hum that can be heard from a short distance

Champion 2000-Watt Stackable Generator

champion 2000 watt generator

This Champion 2000-watt generator can connect with another 2000-watt inverter to double output power. This generator is great for camping and tailgating. In the event of a power outage, the Champion 2000 Watt can be used to run some small appliances. A tank can provide 9.5 hours of run time. The patented smart economy mode is able to provide a quieter run and longer run time while being fuel friendly. 

  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Includes two 120V 20A household outlets
  • Built in carry handle and light weight design (48.5 pounds)
  • Stackable
  • Minus CircleDoes not come with wheels

Generac 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

This light weight generator weighs only 46.6 pounds. It is extremely portable and ideal for camping and tailgating. The Generac 7117 is also RV ready. The light weight and compact design makes this generator perfect for taking virtually anywhere but it also has a 1.2 gallon fuel tank that allows for 10.75 hours of run time. Twice the power is achieved because it is parallel ready and allows you to connect two inverter generators together.

WEN Super Quiet 2000-Watt Generator

The WEN 2000-Watt  generator is CARB Compliant and a light weight and low sound generator. The US Department of Health and Human Services stated that is known for its quiet operation noise that is comparable to the sound of a regular conversation. The WEN Super Quiet is great for tailgating, camping and power outages. It also creates clean power which makes it safe for charging technological devices such as phones and tablets.

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  • Lightweight design at 48 lbs
  • Automatically adjust its fuel consumption
  • Extremely quiet
  • Short run time of only 6 hours

Pulsar Products Dual-Fuel Portable Generator

The Pulsar Products generator above is a heavy duty generator made with an air cooled engine. The engine is made of a durable powder coated steel frame. The Pulsar Switch & Go has a extremely large 6.6 gallon fuel tank that can provide for 12 hours of non-interrupted run time. This is absolutely ideal for power outages and camping trips.

  • Long run time of 12 hours
  • Has wheels for easy moving
  • Large 6.6 gallon gas tank
  • Extremely heavy at 209 lbs

DuroStar Gas Powered Portable Generator 

This 3300 watt DuroStar generator has a 4 gallon tank and an 8 hour run time. The long run time makes it great for operating appliances during a power outage and for camping. The steel frame comes with four point isolated motor mounts. It is EPA approved and designed with a EZ-Pull recoil start. 

  • 1 year warranty
  • Manual start
  • Long 8 hour run time
  • Heavy, so more ideal for camping and power outages, not preferred for tailgating