Do you love using your smoker grill, but hate having to open the lid to check the temperature of your meat manually?

The answer to this frustrating issue is to invest in a wireless meat thermometer.

To help you find the best one, I put together this review of the best wifi meat thermometers for smokers. I also include sections on why you need a meat thermometer, standard features, and which features are a must-have on wireless units.

The perfect wifi meat thermometer will make using your smoker much more enjoyable, so let’s start!

Why Meat Thermometers Are Important For Smoking Meats

A smoker uses a low and slow approach to cooking most meats, so a meat thermometer is crucial for:

  • Food Safety
    Using a meat thermometer in a smoker grill is the only way to ensure the correct internal temperature of the meat to kill off the bacteria that cause E. coli, salmonella, and other intestinal issues.
  • Proper Tenderness
    The external thermometer you see on most smokers only indicates the ambient internal temperature. A meat thermometer lets you monitor the internal beef, chicken, or pork temperature so you can remove it when it hits the most tender stage.
  • Stop Overcooking
    Many people aren’t sure how long it takes to cook different cuts of meat and tend to leave it on the smoker too long in order to “be safe.” Using a quality meat thermometer prevents overcooking issues.
  • Maintain the Heat
    The best way to maintain a constant heat level within a smoker is to stop opening it up to check on progress. Cook meat faster and more evenly by using a wireless meat thermometer, so you can keep the smoker lid shut and avoid temperature fluctuations.

Best Wifi Meat Thermometers for Smoker

MEATER Block Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

The MEATER Block Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer uses Bluetooth technology and your smartphone to monitor the temperature of the meat and smoker.

With four probes and a range of up to 165 feet when paired up to the base unit (not the probes), this wireless thermometer provides versatility and freedom while smoking food. The unit can also work independently of a smartphone.

The thermometer features a cooking system and time estimator function that help all levels of user cook meat to perfection. You can also custom-set alerts into the system to fine-tune the cooking process.


  • Four probes with dual sensors
  • 165-foot wireless range
  • Can connect with multiple smartphones or use stand-alone
  • Advanced Estimator Algorithm and Guided Cook System
  • Attractive wood block base unit


  • Must have home internet Wi-Fi for unit to function
  • May be too pricey for some

Tappecue Meat Thermometer – True Wi-Fi Digital Grilling

The Tappecue Meat Thermometer works with the Cloud and your Android or iOS devices, or Alexa app to deliver excellent cooking results when using your smoker.

The unit offers wifi storage so you can save and retrieve cooking settings for quick set-up of favorite meals. You can also add optional accessories like a blower or additional probes (the device supports up to eight) for increased versatility.

This model comes with two probes with cords that plug into the display base unit. You can read cooking data on the digital display or utilize one or more smartphones to view the information from nearby even when wifi isn’t available.


  • Two probes with dual-sensors
  • Works with Android, iOS, or Alexa
  • Range up to 180 feet even in offline mode
  • Easy-to-read large digital display and alert settings option
  • High-quality construction and long-life battery


  • Keyboard for entering information is hard to use
  • Some customers note that it functions better offline

Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

The Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller combines a simple-to-use device configuration with up-to-date voice-command through Amazon Alexa and Google Home or any device using the app.

The thermometer is for Kamado-style smokers and grills and wirelessly connects to any device that has a browser so you can monitor food, change the temperature, or get an alert that your meat is done.

The kit comes with one meat probe and one pit probe, but the unit can support up to three meat probes. The unit also includes a variable-speed blower to increase temperature-reading precision for optimal cooking results.


  • Works with Android, iOs, computer, tablet, Alexa, or Google home
  • Includes a blower for better temp control
  • Online dashboard to track cooking
  • Can mount to most Kamado-style charcoal grills and smokers
  • No software to install
  • Allows unsupervised regulation for long cooks


  • High price-point
  • Only comes with one meat probe

MeatStick Unlimited Range WiFi Bridge Set Wireless Meat Thermometer

The MeatStick WiFi Meat Thermometer allows you to monitor your smoker with no wires and unlimited range with the Wi-Fi Bridge for the ultimate in convenience during the cooking process.

The app comes with built-in cooking assistance for all types of meat and alerts you to temperature levels and when food has finished cooking. The long-lasting batteries allow you to slow cook even overnight without worry.

No wifi? You can still use the Bridge to read smoker temps from up to 300 feet away.


  • Two wireless probes are dishwasher and deep-fryer safe
  • Bridge and Xtender for maximum wireless range
  • Monitors in real-time using Bluetooth and iOS or Android device
  • 24-hour rechargeable battery
  • Convenient storage and carry case


  • One probe is for meat, the other for smoker temp
  • Initial set up may be too tedious for some

Common Features in Meat Thermometers

The most common features found in meat thermometers include:

  • Analog or digital readout
  • Wireless capabilities using Wi-Fi and app
  • Alarms or alerts
  • Celcius and Fahrenheit readings
  • Water-resistant design
  • Safe cook temperature range for different meat or food
  • Stainless steel probe(s)

What to Look For in a Good Wifi Meat Thermometer

NUMBER OF PROBES – The best wifi meat thermometers offer a minimum of two probes, while four is an ideal number to cover most cooking needs. Check how many additional probes a unit can support if you plan to cook several cuts of meat at once. Cordless probes are even more versatile as they don’t get in the way while cooking.

REMOTE DISPLAY – A remote display with a large digital readout or an app for your smartphone allows you to monitor temp and cook time without the need to stand at the smoker.

ALARMS/PROGRAMMING – Audio and visual alarms ensure you don’t miss cooking alerts. Being able to program in temps and alerts allows for more versatility.

TEMPERATURE RANGE – A wide temperature range allows you to cook low and slow or fast and hot with reliable results.


Finding the best wifi meat thermometer for smoker grills will increase your ability to safely serve juicy, tender meat without the worry of overcooking.

By selecting any of the above wireless meat thermometers, you can improve your smoker-cooking skills with delicious results!