If you’re a new generator owner or even someone who’s had generator for a while, you may be curious about whether generators can get wet. This is a very common question, especially since generators are often used in foul weather. We will answer the question “can generators get wet?” and a other questions you may have regarding the weather and your generator.

There will definitely be times when you plan on using a portable generator but unfortunately the weather isn’t cooperating. Maybe you’re having a big party and you need extra power, but it’s drizzling.

There are very important safety rules you must follow when operating a generator. The rules are to keep you and other safe. One of the biggest rules is that you should never run your portable generator in wet weather.

Generators produce voltage that can be extremely dangerous to the operator if used improperly. You should never use a generator in wet weather. And you should never touch the generator or cords if your hands or feet are wet.

Read Generator the Safety Rules

You’ll find many generators have explicit warnings in their owners manual rules regarding what to do and not to do with a generator. Here are a few from the top generators on the market.

From the Honda EU2200i Manual:

The generator produces enough electric power to cause a serious shock or electrocution if misused.

Using a generator or electrical appliance in wet conditions, such as rain or snow, or near a pool or sprinkler system, or when your hands are wet, could result in electrocution. Keep the generator dry.

If the generator is stored outdoors, unprotected form the weather, check all teh elctrical components on the control panel before each use. Moisture or ice can cause a malfunction or short circuit in electrical components that could result in electrocution.


These are the explicit warnings found in the Generac GP2200i Inverter Generator.

Protect Your Generator from Wet Weather

Since stormy weather is often the reason you need a generator, you may need to find a solution to keep your generator dry.

There are many great options on the market for protecting your generator.

Before you move forward with a solution, be sure to refer to your generator’s manual. It is extremely important that your generator has the necessary ventilation. Doing so will keep you and others safe.