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Best Ash Vacuum for Cleaning Your Stove

If you have a pellet stove or wood stove in your house, you want to ensure you keep it in top working order. You’ll want to keep a consistent cleaning regimen. This regimen should include vacuuming the ash made from the fire in your stove. In this post you’ll learn about using an ash vacuum, […]

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How to Clean Woodstove Glass

Woodstoves can generally be appreciated by any person, from producing a safe haven on a chilly day, to creating a charming ambiance that defines the room. But to appreciate the comfort and usefulness of a woodstove, it needs to be kept in working order. Perhaps one of the most neglected (and ironically, the most appreciated) […]

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Best Fireplace Inserts Reviewed

So you’ve bought a house with a fireplace. But you’ve noticed how inefficient it’s heating your home. Many homeowners find themselves in the same situation and have turned to a fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts are known for being efficient, cost effective, and convenient options. We’ve reviewed the best fireplace inserts on the market today. Differences […]

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