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Best Maul for Splitting Firewood

UPDATED: April 2019 When you have a lot of wood splitting to do, many turn to a trusty splitting maul to help make the job easy. Below, we’ll review some of the best mauls for splitting firewood  from brands like Fiskars and Husqvarna. What is a splitting maul anyway? The splitting maul goes by a […]


Best Bushcraft Axe Options Reviewed

If you’re looking for a smaller axe that can wield some good power while also being highly portable, you’ll want one of our best bushcraft axe options. These picks will be great for clearing your path while hiking, splitting some kindling for your campfire, and any other small task you may need. Our Picks for Top […]


Splitting Axe Vs Splitting Maul: Which Is Better for Splitting Wood?

If you’re new to splitting wood, or simply still wondering about the best way, you’ve often thought about using either a splitting maul or a splitting axe.  In past decades there have been more quality tools available making cutting wood much easier. But if you still need to chop wood yourself then there are two options […]