You have some wood to split. What do you reach for? Do you have a splitting maul or are you looking for a specific wedge to help split your wood. Many are searching to find out the difference between a diamond wedge vs splitting edge. Well if you had the same question then you need look no further. We’ll go over the two and give you our best picks for each.

Our Favorite Splitting Wedge: Estwing Sure Split Wedge – 5-Pounds

How to Use a Splitting Wedge

To use a splitting wedge, first you need to get it in to the wood a bit so it stands up on its own. This is crucial. If you don’t have it wedged into the wood a bit before your start, your wedge will most likely fly off the round as you strike.

Once you have it properly wedged in, use a sledge hammer or head of your maul or axe to drive the wedge through the round. It may take a few strikes in order to split the round entirely.

What is a Splitting Wedge

A splitting wedge is one of the most common tools used to split wood. These are triangular pieces of steel or composite. They’ve been around for centuries and they are still a very reliable tool to have.

Our Favorite Diamond Wedge: Collins Wood Splitting Wedge – 4 LBS

What is Diamond Wedge

A diamond wedge is a tool similar in concept to the splitting wedge. The main difference is the shape of the wedge. Instead of having one long blade shaped edge, a diamond wedge is shaped like a diamond with a pointy edge. The benefits of using a diamond wedge is the fact that it splits wood in 4 directions. Since there are four edges compared the two with a splitting wedge, the diamond wedge splits the wood where the edges are placed.

Diamond wedges typically have groves up and down the sides of the wedge to prevent the wedge from popping out of the wood after you strike it. These are typically made of steel.

How to use a Diamond Wedge

Diamond wedges are used in the same way a splitting wedge is. You need to take your diamond wedge and get the tip into the round where you want to split your wood. Make sure to keep it a few inches in from the edge of the round.

Since the diamond wedge has a pointing end, getting the wedge into the round is much easier.

Once the wedge is secured in the round, you can take your sledgehammer or axe head to drive the wedge into the round. You’ll find it splits in multiple directions. The benefit of the diamond wedge are that you should need fewer swings of the maul since you’ll be splitting the round in multiple directions.

Conclusion – Our Pick

We have used both a splitting wedge and diamond wedge in the past. Our favorite is the diamond wedge because it makes quick work. We’re able to split more wood in less time. This is because it’s easier to get into the wood to start. And it also splits in more directions so we’re able to split a large round into smaller logs more quickly.