Backed by one of the biggest names in dependability, the Honda EU220i portable inverter generator is one of our favorite 2000+ watt generators on the market. Find out below why we love this generator for residential emergency power use.

Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator

Honda Generator Highlights

  • Noise Level – This inverter will operate at the same noise level as a normal conversation.
  • Customer Reviews – Customers love the quality and longevity after purchasing a Honda generator.
  • Ease of Use- This generator is lightweight and easy to move around and bring along on camping trips.

The Honda EU2200i is a 2200 watt, 120 volt, super quiet portable inverter generator. Inverter generators are great for those looking for a generator to use during residential power outages. This is because these types of generators are queiter, more dependable and produce cleaner energy than some of the other non inverter generators.

Inverters are typically among the quietest generators you can find on the market.  The Honda EU2200i, for example, will run between 48 to 57 decibels. This noise level is about the same as a normal conversation. Therefore this makes this a great generator for RV or camper use, as well as in your neighborhood. Neighbors and nearby campers won’t be too annoyed by the amount of noise this generator makes.If you are looking for more power, this generator is parallel ready. You can easily hook it up to another Honda EU2200i. Unfortunately, the parallel kit is sold separately.

Honda Generator Running Time

Regarding run time, You’ll find that this generator runs anywhere from 3 to 8 hours on a single tank. This model has a fuel shut off so you can running this generator until the fuel is almost gone.This generator will run to the maximum power of 2.2 amps or 2200 Watts. The running wattage for this generator is 1800 watts or 1.8 kilovolt amps.

Like many of the other generators that we’ve reviewed the Honda EU2200i comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. So not only will you feel comfortable for choosing a dependable brand, the 3 year warranty offers more security.

Additional Features of the Honda EU2200i Generator

  • Quiet Inverter – This is one of the quieter generators we have reviewed. You’ll get more stable power and only when you need it.
  • 3 Year Warranty – The dependable Honda name coupled with a 3 year warranty is a win-win combination.
  • Lightweight – Along with being quiet, this generator is pretty lightweight. As a result, this is a great option for homeowners and RV and camper owners.

Customers Thoughts of the Honda EU2200i Inverter

Here are some of the more common comments on the reviews of this generator:

  • Customers who were previously owners of the Honda EU2000 generator like the addition 200 watts giving them more power for more appliances.
  • While many customers were happy with the noise level generated, some thought it could be quieter.
  • The ECO mode is great feature that allows the generator to run for longer on less gas.