The 2000-Watt WEN generator is one of the lighter and quieter generators on the market today. Consider this more affordable option when looking for a great portable generator. Read our full WEN 56200i generator review below!

wen 56200i portable generator

  • Noise Level – Extremely quiet. Great for when using close to neighbors or other campsites.
  • Customer Reviews – Customers love the fuel efficiency and low noise level.
  • Ease of Use – Highly portable which makes it perfect for camping, RVs, or use on-the-go. But a few customers found it hard to start.

The generator weighs about 50 pounds so it won’t be too difficult to carry around or pack up in your car or truck. It’s made even easier with the handle found on the top of this generator. Because of this it’s a great option for those who need a highly portable generator.

This WEN generator will runs for 6 hours at half load. This equates to about a quarter of a gallon of gasoline an hour. But what we love about this generator is the fuel efficiency. The unit can adjust fuel consumption as loads are connected or disconnected. You’ll only burn what you are actually using. 

As far as generators go, this is definitely quieter than many other options. It measures at 51 decibels which is said to be about the noise level of a conversation. Most window air conditioners are louder than this generator. So you’ll find this to be a great generator option for RVers or campers as you won’t be annoying close neighbors.

Additional Features of the 56200i Generator

  • Parallel ready – If you do need a bit more juice, the WEN generator is parallel ready! All you need is the parallel kit and you can be running two generators together for increased output.
  • Two AC 3-Pronged Outlets – Perfect for plugging in whatever appliances you need to run during an outage or camping trip.
  • 5V USB Port – This is a great additional feature for modern electronics. Most phones, tablets, and such have USB charging cables. This means you don’t have to waste one or your outlets on charging a phone. 


You’ll want to check the appliances and gadgets you want to power with this option. It has a 2000-Watt starting wattage and an 1600-Watt running or rated wattage. Due to this, you’ll not want to use this for your whole house during a big storm. However it makes it great for infrequent power outage situations or for when you need power on the go such as camping or RVing.

This generator is known to be very safe for today’s precious and pricey electronics. There is minimal harmonic distortion with this generator which makes it a great option for anyone who needs to be connected all the times. It even features a USB port so you don’t have to waste one of the outlets on one of your devices. Learn more about harmonic distortion here.

Customers Thoughts of the 56200i Generator

Customers generally have favorable reviews of the WEN 2000-Watt generator. There are a few common gripes with this generator, which we’ve outlined below:

  • ​Customers love the eco mode. Since the generator only uses the fuel is absolutely needs to power the appliances that are plugged in, your gasoline will go much futher.
  • ​This is a more affordable option for those considering the Yamaha EF2000is.
  • The low noise level is one of the best features of this generator.