If you’re relying on a wood pellet stove as a source of heating in your house, you understand the challenge of sorting pellets. Wood pellets come in 40 lb bags and while they’re easier to store than hardwood, storing them can be challenge to some. Here are some of our favorite pellet storage ideas.

We’ll go over both how to store the bags of pellets as well as how to store pellets close to your stove for easily refilling the hopper.

Wood Pellet Storage Tips

Before you choose a storage method or container, keep in mind the following about wood pellets.

Dry Area – Make sure to place your pellets in a dry area, whether inside or outside or in a shed/garage. Typically someplace that is not humid. If you have a spot that floods or gets moldy, this isn’t a good spot for your pellets.

Off the ground – Even if you have an area that’s never flooded, it’s always good to store your pellets off the ground. You wouldn’t want your entire fuel stash to be ruins due to unforeseen water issues.

Free from holes – Wherever your are storing your pellets, you want to make sure the bags are not damaged. If there are holes or rips in the bags it could cause water or moisture to seep in and damage the pellets. You’ll be left with nothing but sawdust. Inspect your pellet bags and tape up any holes.

Cover whenever possible – To really protect your pellets, cover them with a tarp. This will ensure that if there are any water issues your pellets will remain protected.

Storing Wood Pellet Bags

Typically when buying pellets for the heating season you will buy wood pellet bags in bulk. This has an added benefit since they are often delivered on pallet. The best way to store pellet bags is to keep them on the pallet and store them on a dry floor.

If you don’t have the space to keep your 40 x 48 inch pallet, then restacking is your only option.

When restacking you can probably stack bags up to 3 pallets worth of bags high. That may be more than you need. As long as you alternate the positioning of the bags in a criss cross fashion, your pellet bags will be safe.

Storing Pellets For Quick Access

You may find the need to refill your stove often if your stove has a small hopper or you have your stove burning at maximum capacity. In these instances, you’ll most likely want a storage container close to your pellet stove for easy refilling. The below are all great options.

A Coal Hod or Pellet Bucket

A bucket is a great option for quickly refilling your pellet stove. There are many options that will not only fit the needs of pellet storage but will double as a nice decorative object.

Minuteman International Coal Hod / Pellet Bucket

Feed Bin

Feed, storage, or recycling bins such as the below are good options when looking for quick access storage. The opening allows for easy access for scooping out pellets

Suncast Kit Stackable Organizer

Large Planters

If you’re looking for a storage option that won’t be an eyesore, a planter is a great option. There are so many different styles to choose from and you can find planters in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

20″ Large Decorative Flower Planter

Steel Buckets

These steel buckets are great because they come in all sizes and can be multipurpose. They can store pellets in the winter and be a party cooler in the summer.

Behrens 10-1/2-Gallon Oval Steel Tub